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Welcome to Training at NAAP!

At NAAP Training, we believe in empowering Activity Professionals like you with the best tools and knowledge to excel in your career. Our courses are crafted by seasoned Activity Professionals, ensuring that what you learn is practical, relevant, and directly applicable to your daily work.

Why Choose NAAP Training?

  • Tailored Content: Each course is designed with your specific needs in mind, focusing on enhancing your skills and knowledge in key areas of your profession.
  • Practical Application: Learn techniques and strategies that you can immediately implement in your facility, improving both your performance and the wellbeing of those you care for.
  • Community Driven: As part of the NAAP family, you’re learning from and contributing to a community dedicated to excellence in Activity Professional training.

Currently, we’re excited to offer a specialized course on Dementia Care, which provides comprehensive insights and practical approaches to enhance the quality of life for individuals with dementia.

Explore Our Course:

  • Dementia Care and Communication Training: Dive into a detailed understanding of dementia, with practical strategies and compassionate approaches to care.

Join us in this journey of professional growth and personal fulfillment. Your next step in career advancement awaits!